Solent meads has a variety of weights available.

All designed to take out on the range and hit balls.
Receiving immediate feedback from the flight of the ball!

Starting from the beginner
and working all the way up to the professional model.

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The Lightest Model = 650 gms.

Is designed more for Ladies, Seniors and Beginners
(High Handicap Player.)

The Medium Model = 850 gms.

Is designed for the Average golfer
who is working more on distance
and control (Mid Handicap Player.)

The Heavy Model = 1000 gms.

Is designed for the teacher, scratch player or someone who has
used a weighted club before (Low Handicap Player.)

7 Iron

The 7 Iron = 740 gms.
Great for improving confidence in your Iron play.
Every golfer will receive benefits from this club.

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